InQuisic Tuition Administration Outsourcing and Management
Over 25 Years of
Tuition Management Experience

We guarantee that every payment made is supported under your Tuition Assistance Policy.

Our sophisticated solution can automate your business rules and ensure that only justified payments are made.

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InQuisic has the most experienced and innovative team in the industry.

Cast off your old methods of managing your tuition assistance initiatives. InQuisic helps you take control of your education program and stay up-to-date with costs and employee activity.

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The most innovative solutions available in Tuition Management.

The payment process is often the biggest headache in tuition reimbursement administration. Not only for managers, but for employees as well. No more.

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Your employees deserve the easiest-to-use software in the industry.

Business software doesn't have to be confusing and difficult to use. That's why we combine clean, elegant design with the latest software technologies to create simple, yet powerful solutions.

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We help you achieve real cost savings in your employee education investment.

It's crucial to maximize the value that companies get in all areas of their business, and employee education is no exception.

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Build a quality Tuition Assistance Program.

With our extensive experience in third-party administration, we can help you navigate the waters and improve your program.

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The EdFlo System. By InQuisic.
A better way to manage Tuition Assistance.

InQuisic manages the administration of company-funded Tuition Assistance benefits. Our experienced team combined with our innovative tuition assistance outsourcing platform provides companies with 24x7 management of ttheir learning organization.

We brought together some of the most experienced and knowledgeable people with one goal: designing the EdFlo system to be a simpler, streamlined and better solution to manage the needs of today's modern companies.

We deliver easy-to-use software that combines a sophisticated, leading-edge approach that will reduce confusion for both managers and employees.

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