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On-Demand Reporting That Gives You Answers

EdFlo understand the critical nature of reporting for determining the effectiveness of your Tuition Assistance Program. That's why we provide the best tools in the industry for helping you gain the important insights that make your program a strategic investment.

Powerful, Yet Simple to Use

The on-demand reporting offers a wide variety of report types designed to give you the tools you need for optimal performance of your program. The reports are available any time, and can be fully customized to meet your specific needs. They include a comprehensive set of metrics that cater to the needs of management, operations, finance, and technical teams. The EdFlo list of report types were created after extensive research and interviews with client organizations representing HR, Finance, IT, Management, and program administrators involved in the tuition management process. Each of these templates is just a starting point... hundreds of customized reports can be created and stored for each user with reporting access.

Schedule to run automatically and export to Excel

The EdFlo reporting platform can support hundreds of individual users within an organization, each having their own customized reports. Reports can be set up to automatically run on a scheduled basis. They can even be scheduled to be sent via email to others in the Organization.

All reports are designed to allow users to drill down to specific criteria for a more detailed analysis of the data. Reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel or PDF format as needed.

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