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EdFlo Implementation Process

EdFlo will manage the deployment of a Self-Service Tuition Assistance System through the following steps:

  1. System configuration: EdFlo will configure its existing self-service service platform to support the unique tuition assistance policy and approval requirements for each new client. This includes the approval workflow, development of a complete list of approved learning providers and programs, and the presentation layer of the application.
  2. Data integration: There are three primary "touch points" between the EdFlo service platform and the corporate enterprise systems; Human Resources Management System (HRMS)- A feed is established between the Client HRIS and the EdFlo platform for the purposes of maintaining accurate data on employee eligibility and management hierarchy. This feed can be scheduled to support the client requirements, generally ranging from once per payroll cycle to every night; Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)-EdFlo establishes an outbound feed for payroll that denotes the approved reimbursement amounts by employee and any tuition assistance amounts that are taxable per the Client policy. This feed may be established in a number of file formats to support the Client requirements; Learning Management System (LMS)-If the employer maintains an industry-standard learning management system, it is our intent to establish a feed between the EdFlo platform and the LMS for purposes of maintaining complete education and training history for employees. We generally push program and course specific information from the EdFlo platform into the LMS.
  3. Management of historical data: EdFlo will provide a file format from which to import historical tuition assistance records for participants currently enrolled in tuition assistance programs.
  4. Hosting: As a Software as a Service provider, EdFlo will host the application at www.EdFlo.com. Employees will have access to their accounts and all service functionality from this central domain.
  5. Communications and training: EdFlo will develop and deliver a series of communications to employees regarding the launch of the tuition assistance solution. In addition, EdFlo will provide a series of training sessions to employees, managers, and HR professionals regarding the service and its functionality.

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