EdFlo Tuition Administration Outsourcing and Management
Over 25 Years of
Tuition Management Experience

Service Pricing and Cost Savings

Saving Your Employees Time... Saving You Money

We believe EdFlo will save you more money than any other vendor in the Tuition Assistance industry. Here's why:

We have streamlined the documentation submission process to take less time away from your employees.

The biggest employee burden is securing and providing documentation to support their reimbursement requests. Old solutions required employees to spend an average of 30 minutes "on-the-job" securing and providing this documentation. We reduce this process significantly through our innovative learning portal.

Flexibility that allows you to design your optimum service levels from the ground up.

We don't believe in One Size Fits All. Many competitors will try to sell you an "All You Can Eat" annual price. We offer a pricing model that reflects the true level of usage by your employees. And we give you a broad choice of service levels, from online support to full 24x7 phone-based support. All of this can be priced on a per-transaction basis, or on a per-participant basis. You build your service requirements and choose the pricing plan that best fits your needs.

Real Time, flexible reporting that gives you the power to get the data you need in the format you need when you need it.

We don't believe in charging additional fees for access to data regarding the spend of your employees and your company. Instead, we have a configurable reporting platform that allows you to build the reports you want, and to receive them on any time frame you choose... from "Right Now" to every week to once a year.

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